Games & Experience


Safewell VR Training

An VR safety training program that trains fracking workers to identify and properly deal with hazards on a fracking job site.

Mentored by Moshe Mahler at CMU Entertainment Technology Center.

Client: Reach Wireline
Platform: Unreal with Oculus Rift S


Building Virtual Worlds

A collection of games and interactive experience created in two-week sprints.

Instructed by Prof. Jesse Schell and
Prof. David Culyba at CMU ETC.

Platform: Unity with Magic Leap, Vive, etc.


A 2D rhythm platformer that’s meant to simulate the experience of being deaf.

An Interactive Media Arts Senior Capstone Project at New York University Shanghai.

Platform: Unity


An interactive experience inspired by the
concept of Meta-medium and Recursion.

Instructed by Prof. Sheldon Brown
at NYU Shanghai IMA.

Platform: Unity

Trouble in Fabletown

A 4-player thematic card game based on the comic series Fables.

Instructed by Jesse Fuchs at NYU Game Center.


Game Jam Works

A collection of games and prototypes created during Game Jam events throughout the years.

Platform: Unity / Board Game


A 2D puzzle game featuring still graphics. It is inspired by “Medicine”, one of the prompts of 2018 NetEase Mini Game Competition.

Platform: Unity


A 2D puzzle adventure game inspired by one of the prompts of 2018 NetEase Mini Game Competition, “Kun (鲲)”, a mystic creature in ancient Chinese mythology.

Platform: Unity