Mixthesia (Ongoing)

Mixthesia is a student pitch project at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Taking the form of multiple prototypes of different visualizations and interactions in VR, the project aims to demystify the craft of sound mixing by avoiding the complex traditional interface.

*This is an ongoing project. The video shows work in progress.

Platform: Unity with FMOD and Oculus Quest


Primary Roles: Programmer, Designer
  • Built up the pipeline between Unity game engine and FMOD.
  • Implemented interactions with objects (buttons, music tracks, etc.) that trigger various audio behaviors.
  • Implemented visual changes that respond to audio.
  • Designed and documented various iterations of interactions and visual representations that translate music mixing tools and conceptual guidelines into VR.
  • Helped conduct playtests with industry professionals and novice musicians.


Collaborated with: