Mixthesia is a student pitch project at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Taking the form of multiple prototypes of different visualizations and interactions in VR, this project experiments on creating a playground experience where musicians who are new to mixing can learn some mixing tools and concepts while avoiding the complex traditional interface.

Platform: Unity with FMOD and Oculus Quest


Primary Roles: Programmer, Designer

As the programmer, I

  • Researched into and built up the Unity-FMOD pipeline to kick off the rapid prototyping process.
  • Implemented VR interactions to allow guests to explore music mixing tools such as panning, reverb, etc. in the VR space.
  • Implemented visualization that respond to audio changes to reinforce guests' understanding of mixing tools.
  • Implemented an editor tool that allows future developers to automatically populates track objects in all relevant scenes based on their track choices with one button.
record automation
Recording automation with dragging track orbs.
playback automation
Track orbs move along with automation.
apply reverb
Adjust reverb wet/dry by scaling space and moving track orbs.

As the designer, I

  • Designed and documented the interaction design for 4 prototypes to discover what best translates music mixing tools/concepts in VR.
  • Helped conduct playtests with industry professionals and novice musicians to evaluate whether the representations are effective in conveying mixing tools and concepts.


Collaborated with: